The day that Tennis gave a lesson to Soccer

It happened on Sunday January 29, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer defined the final of the Australian Open 2017, one of the most important tournaments in the Tennis history, simultaneously FC Barcelona and Real Betis were playing a game a soccer game, corresponding to the Soccer Spanish League, in which the Catalan club was trying to keep pace of their maximum opponent Real Madrid.

The last play of the Tennis final required the technology to decide who was the champion, only took a few seconds, through a screen, that referee decided with 100% clarity if the ball has stung inside the court, and then declare who was a winner.

Curiously at the same time in the Soccer match, inside the box of Real Betis, something very similar happened, the referees did not validated a dubious goal of FC Barcelona, but the TV broadcast was responsible for clarifying the situation, leaving in evidence that should to have gone up to the scoreboard.

How is it possible that in Soccer we still allow ourselves this kind of errors, this kind of flaws that do nothing but stain the most popular sport on the planet? If in the last play of the Australian Open championship game, where two of the best Tennis players of history participate, they can use it and take few seconds to do it. Why not in Soccer? If it is the most watched sport on TV and with the highest technological investment for that purpose in this world. It is true that there are some countries like English Premier League, where this kind of things do not happen, because they did decide to evolve, but FIFA should take immediate actions that force the use of technology to make decisive decisions. If the necessary mechanisms are implemented to make Soccer a fairer sport, everyone will be a winner, teams, players, referees, spectators, etc.

The world of Soccer need to implement mandatory technology now!