The Best Soccer Lineup of My History

When we try to talk about the best players of all time, we can coincide regarding some stars players and golden eras, but it would be unrealistic to think that a person who was born in mid-80s, like me, can say that Maradona, Pele, Cruyff or Di Stefano were the best players of the history. Watching these players in some games or in small archive fragments that usually it shows only their brilliant moments, is insufficient to sustain an objective opinion on the matter. So, I decided to build a gala team, with the 11 best players I watched since I likes this beautiful sport. I present The Best Soccer Lineup of My History.

The team would play with formation 4-3-3, same used by Ajax with coach Van Gaal at end of 90s, similar to Brazil with Scolari in the World Cup Korea-Japon 2002, or the reinvented per Pep Guardiola with FC Barcelona in 2010.

Goalkeeper: Peter Schmeichel

The «big danish» has all necessary qualities for this position, leadership, mental strength, skills to start playing with ball on the ground, strong, safety with air balls, unbeatable one vs one and feline reflexes. Peter was a key player of the most of the Manchester United successes at end of 90s, and leader of the national team of Denmark, championship of Euro 92. Other great goalies as Gianluigi Buffon, Edwin Van der Sar, Iker Casillas and Oliver Kahn could be here too.

Right defender: Marcos Evangelista de Morais «Cafu»

The Brazilian player is indisputable on this position, he played three consecutive World Cup finals (1994,1998,2002) winning two of them and being captain on the last one in 2002. Cafu is considered for a lot people as the best right defender of the history.

First central defender: Lothar Matthäus

The German, that also played as midfielder par of his career, was a fundamental pilar of Bayern Munich and his national team, guiding both to obtain championships in the 90s.

Second central defender: Paolo Maldini

The Italian is, without any doubts, the best defender I saw. His elegance, strength and speed, made him lead of the AC Milán, winner of seven Scudettos and five European Cups.

Left defender: Roberto Carlos

At some point of his career he was criticized for supposed «defensive limitations», but over the years he clarified any doubt respect his performance as left defender, being example for every player to wish to play that position. His special skill to score from long and short free kicks was always remembered. He was champion of the World Cup with Brazil and won everything with Real Madrid.

Defensive midfielder: Frank Rijkaard

The player dazzled with his football in AC Milán and Ajax de Amsterdam, winning some European Cups and local championships. He stood out playing with the Holland national team, winning one European Cup. In a position where is an imperial necessity understanding perfectly the game, the Netherlander was so good in a reading of the game, that after retiring from the fields he became a coach, obtaining great successes driving FC Barcelona.

First midfielder: Xavi Hernandez

I never saw a player able to turn on around himself in any circumstance of the game, as the spanish player did. He manage with exactitude and precision the times of his team and he was who decided when attack, defend or pause. He was one of the keys in all successes of the Spain national team, winning two Euros and one World Cup. He was considered per Pep Guardiola as the extension of the coach on the field FC Barcelona.

Second midfielder: Zinedine Zidane

The French, elegant and precise with the ball on the ground, lethal on the air and a magic game builder. He demonstrated all his quality everywhere he played, winning European Cups with Juventus and Real Madrid, as Euro and World Cup with his national team. After finish his career as a player, he dedicated himself to be a coach, and in just two years he won all the trophies with Real Madrid.

Right wing: Lionel Messi

The Argentinian has questioned the supremacy of stars as Pele and Maradona, in a debate that looks inclined to him everyday. He won absolutely everything with FC Barcelona and drove his national team to the final of the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

Left wing: Ronaldinho

He is synonymous of «jogo bonito» , a player capable of lifting all the fans in each intervention during the game,


como si de una obra de teatro se tratara. Puso al Santiago Bernabéu de pie en aplausos jugando con el FC Barcelona, lo ganó todo a nivel de clubes y también con su selección. Hoy en día nos maravilla jugando futsal en la India.

Delantero Centro: RONALDO

Algunos le llamaron «gordito», otros «il fenomeno». Lo tenía todo, fuerza, velocidad, habilidad, impecable definición, marcaba goles de cabeza, de pecho, de espalda, de tacón, no erraba penales y hacía ver muy mal a cuanto arquero le pusieran en frente. En un deporte de 11 contra 11, Ronaldo era capaz de ganar partidos y campeonatos sólo, bastaba con tenerle en cancha junto a otros 10. Se dio el lujo de ganar en España con Real Madrid y FC Barcelona, así como en Italia con Inter Milán y AC Milán. Ganó dos veces la Copa del Mundo con Brasil y es el segundo máximo goleador en la historia de los Mundiales. Su más dura batalla la ganó dos veces, cuando fue operado de sus rodillas y volvió para seguir deleitándonos.

Director Técnico: Johan Cruyff

Tras pasearme por una larga lista, con tipos de la talla de Mourinho, Guardiola, Del Bosque, Fergusson, Scolari, Low, entre otros… Hay uno que ha dejado su marca como ninguno en el mundo del fútbol, el creador del fútbol total, Johan Cruyff.