Parents of a soccer player

One day I heard a father of a soccer player saying:

– I have spent a lot money to have my son in a winner team.

I immediately turned around and replied him:

– Honestly, you do not pay for your child’s team to win. Do you know why you pay for?

You pay for your child to learn to be disciplined.

You pay for your child to learn to take care of his body and mind.

You pay for your child to learn to work with others and be a good teammate.

You pay for your child to learn to deal with disappointment when he does not get what he expected, and also understand that there is a new day tomorrow to go back to work harder.

You pay for your child to learn to reach his goals.

You pay for your child understands that it takes hours and hours of hard work and training to get a championship, and that success does not happen overnight.

You pay for the opportunity your child will have to make great friendships.

You pay to have your child on a soccer field, not watching television all day.

You pay for those times when your child comes back so tired that he just wants to get to rest and does not think or have time to be lazy or in bad things.

You pay for all the teachings that this beautiful sport gives your child: «responsibility, humility, effort, friendship, coexistence, teamwork, faith, etc., etc.».

I can keep talking, but to be brief;

You DO NOT spend money to WIN, you pay for all opportunities this sport offers your child to develop attributes and skills that will be very useful throughout his life and thus give him the opportunity to value it.

Believe me, from what I have seen until today, you are making THE BEST INVESTMENT OF YOUR LIFE.