Ivan Guerra

His name is Ivan Guerra, a Venezuelan resident in Mexico City.

He was formed as a player in one of the best Venezuelan soccer schools and today he shares all his experience working as head coach.

He is currently the Sports Director of Pumas Belem Soccer School and also the Head Coach of U-11 category, subsidiary of the prestigious team Chivas De Guadalajara.

¿Why soccer?

«My mother says that when I was young, after seeing my sister’s boyfriend playing soccer, I started to feel interest for this sport and it was there, when searching a soccer academy to do my first steps, we came across Santo Tomas de Villanueva, where I was fortunate to coincide with Coach Lino Alonso and be part of the institution for a long time. «

How was your experience as a soccer player?

«I played from age 7, from Pre-B category to U-20. But there is also another institution where I stayed for a long period, Santa Maria University, where I got a scholarship and I was able to get a professional career, at first as a player and then as coach of the women’s team «.

For the institutions where you were, I assume that you learned a lot from Soccer, share with me some of those lessons.

«The main thing is that teamwork always provides greater satisfaction than the individual work and it is usually more rewarding.Soccer is directly related to life, discipline is a fundamental aspect of life and it goes hand by hand with the love you feel for what you do, define what you want to do and who you want to be».

What was your best soccer experience??

«Among so many, I could say that it was to know so many countries, as a player I visited Brazil, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, etc. This experience gave me the opportunity to know other cultures and value many things. The poorest countrie in the world, Haiti, in spite of their economic limitations they gave us an incredible attention, while in a more affluent country, Dominican Republic, where everything looks normal, we suffer from not even having basic amenities such as electricity, water or good nutrition.

The trips as youth player gave me the opportunity to meet other worlds and leave that comfort zone we have at home, see and live complex things at an early age that undoubtedly feed you a lot, live with strangers who end up being almost family and creating Friendship ties for life.

Honestly, I owe almost everything to soccer, from my friends, my partner and nowadays my work, my livelihood, what gives me food and what makes me happy».

Do you have an idol that has marked your career?

«I could tell you that I liked Roberto Carlos because I played defender too and I wanted to have a reference in my position, although I did only look like him in stature (laughs).

I also loved Juan Roman Riquelme, whom some people judge as a slow player on the field and they don’t understand that his speed was in his mind, always anticipating the play and being where he should be, a magus.

But to be honest, I didn’t see and usually I don’t see to much soccer, I like more to see what surrounds me, what I am competing in, soccer from the outside moves me very little and that is why my true idols in this sport I found them among my teammates , all talented. If I had to name just one, it would be my brother of life, Kliwert Cote, he is the best player I’ve seen and the best person, the guy was pure elegance to play, but he was very clear that he didn’t want to live from this in the field, probably because of all the sacrifices that being a professional player entails. Outside the field, in the field of life he is an out of series».

A phrase?

«Discipline sooner or later beats talent and intelligence».

Do you have a dream to fulfill?

«Represent my country, Venezuela, again, but now as a coach. I dream with dress in Vinotinto and listen and sing the national anthem in my land and other places».

Will you get it?

«Although I am convinced of getting it and I work for it, nothing is sure in this life, only death. I am enjoying the way, and if I deserve it, it will come and be the cherry of the cake».

Thank so much Ivan, for share your #FutbolintensoStorie