Erika Sepulcri Bizjak

Her name is Erika Sepulcri Bizjak, she is from Venezuela with Italian roots and her friends call her «Capi».

She started playing soccer at age 16, in a country where not long time ago, girls did not practice this sport. She played with recognized teams as Real Esppor, Leander Miranda, La Lagunita FC, Futbolintenso FC, among others…

She is currently an active player at Centro Italo Venezolano, she has also taken her first steps as a coach at the Academia Deportiva Internacional (ADI), where she coach the U-12 male category and in addition works in an administrative position.

Where that passion for soccer come from?

«Soccer it’s the sport that my dad taught me to love. With whom I always played at the interim of his matches since I was just 3 years old«.

What has Soccer given to you?

«I learned everything from Soccer!

I learned that blows of life are stronger than the elbows and kicks received in a soccer field.

Soccer taught me to compete, competing for a win, for a ball, for a place of lineup, for everything. Of course, the opponents are only on the field, I think there are not to much enemies that cross the 4 lines that divide it. In fact, Soccer has given to me the best friendships I have.

I learned to love soccer with passion and madness, where the most important thing is the values that it teaches you and you must transmit to anyone who wants to love it too«.

Do you remember any particular experience for you that you want to mention?

«It is hard to mention only one, this sport gives you a lot gratifying experiences, unforgettable moments… But if I have to choose, it is with the team I coach at this moment, when I arrived nobody wanted to see them playing, people said they were very bad, that all the teams beat them, but all that these beautiful children needed was someone to teach them that it was not about power or not, it was about believing in themselves and having the desire for things to happen, that with sacrifice and desire they achieve the best things. «

Tell me more about that experience::

«That season, we went from being the last ones to playing a semifinal, to being the most watched by their parents and other teams, to be applauded in spite of the defeat, and yes, we lost, but the happy face of those children playing a semifinal despite all the adversities is priceless, it will be recorded forever in my memory and my heart«.

If it were not Soccer, what would it be…?

«I think nothing. The best experiences of my life have been given to me by Soccer».

Do you have an idol that has marked your path??

«Francesco Totti».

¿A phrase?

«Offense wins games, but defense wins championships».

Who is really Erika Sepulcri?

«Just a soccer player who now wants to transmit everything that this beautiful sport has taught me».

Thank so much Erika, for share your #FutbolintensoStorie