Jurek Kleiny

His name is Jurek Kleiny, resides in Venezuela and some people call him «Polaco».

He is a marketing advisor to companies, people and brands. He helps them to improve their image and manage strategically their environment to guide them on the road to achieving goals.

Soccer has always been what motivates his actions and his way he see life. Currently, he works to improve the way to seen and felt soccer, both in grass (Soccer 11v11) and in salon (Futsal).

¿Why Soccer?

«I do not know, it only came to me, and from that moment it is an eternal love, it has given me a lot. In my life philosophy I want to giving back everything that soccer gave me.»

What did you learn from Soccer?

«The most important thing was to understand that you can not do everything alone in your life, you always need a team to achieve your goals. Not always win, but if you leave everything you have, also the defeats can have a victory flavor, and like a difficult game, a championship game, that is the life. «

What was your best experience in the world of Soccer?

«All the games I played, from children’s categories to adult, were very pleasant experiences with learning at every moment. Those talks on the bench are magical times that fuse sport with life. Now from the desk and stands the experience is also enriching».

Compete or win?

«Win, Of course! Nobody plays to lose, but within this goal is competition, a word that really group the value of being ethical and honest inside and outside the field».

What would dare Jurek Alvarez to do to win?

«All that my capabilities allow me within the rules. There are spontaneous actions that emerge in despairs moments, but I would really do what I always did, leave everything physically and mentally to the end».

Who is really Jurek Alvarez?

«A human. Only that. A person who dreams that we all can be happy».

Tell me about your dream?

«I dream with a Venezuela with equality and justice, but with the necessary development so everyone can be at the forefront. I dream with a country with culture and union; with people not talking about politics and needs, but just talking about soccer and family«.

Will you get it?

«Some dreams depends on us, but in this case the biggest dream of my life depends on everyone, a team of 30 million Venezuelans.»

A phrase?

«Soccer is like life: you win, you lose, you suffer, you laugh, you meet people, you learn and you retire, and all this happens again and again».

Thank so much Jurek, for share your #FutbolintensoStorie