Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Guevara. Photograph courtesy of Tato Celis.

Her name is Elizabeth Rodriguez, she lives in Caracas, Venezuela, and her friends call her «la Portu».

She loves to cook desserts and sweets, so much so that she have a successful baking company. CrossFit is one of her favorite activities, however at age 30 she discovered her main passion, Soccer, as some people says: better late than never.

She played with many teams as Real Esppor, Lagunita F.C., Leander Miranda, among others… She is currently goalkeeper of the Centro Italo Venezolano.

How did start all this of Soccer in your life?

«It’s something that long time ago we all like at home.» As a child I was never play in a soccer school, but suddenly one day I started to practice it with my friends and I loved it, then I became a goalkeeper»

How did you end up defending the goal, we know that not everyone likes that position?

«Well, at the beginning when I playing with my friends I was forward, but one day in La Lagunita FC the coach needed a goalkeeper and none one of my teammates dared to do it, so, he proposed me to do it, and I took the risk and since then I amdefending the goal. It was difficult at the beginning, but over time I improved quickly to the point that many teams in Caracas were looking for me to play with them.

I be grateful with each of my coaches, who taught me and pushed me to be what I am today. «

How has Soccer impacted your life?

«formation, learning, responsibility, so many things related to the world of soccer that I did not know, the truth is that I had many experiences that make me feel satisfaction».

Do you have any special moment you would like to share?

«A lot, but especially to have won a championship final against the Catholic University, a team that was always difficult for us to beat.

Part of that experience was to receive great motivation from our coach, thanks to his words our team entered to the field with the a big desire to win that final. They are pleasant memories that even, on a personal level, I thank him very much».

Would you do anything to win?

«Everyone who does any sport has that competitiveness inside, nobody wants to lose. Honestly, I’m not a cheating person, I always try to be very legal when I play. But if a situation crosses the limits of legality just a bit on my favor, I would know how to put a bit of novel in the moment to disguise it «

Are you one of those who meet their dreams?

«I am a person capable to do anything, nothing is impossible for me. I have goals that, as the years go by, will be fulfilled. I work hard to get what I want».

Any dream to fulfill?

«Traveling, knowing many places and growing my company. With hard work and dedication everything is possible, but of course, having health, without that nothing».

Do you want to leave me a phrase?

«People have to dream, otherwise things do not happen (Las personas tienen que soñar, si no las cosas no suceden)

Phrase that is tattooed on my body. «

Thank so much Elizabeth, for share your #FutbolintensoStorie